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Storm unlikely; rain possible
Saturday's Atlantic map from the National Hurricane Center showed four areas that forecasters are watching. - photo by NOAA map

With four systems that could develop into tropical storms, officials are on alert but are downplaying concern for Coastal Georgia.

“I wanted to let everyone know that we are watching the tropics closely for changes that could affect us,” Liberty County Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Hodges said Saturday. “As of now Liberty County will not be directly impacted by any of the four storms.”

But, he said, there is still cause for concern.

“We must remember an indirect impact has brought heavy flooding to several neighboring areas in the recent past.”

The systems included only one named storm, Gaston. The National Hurricane Center said it likely was too far north to threaten the Southeast seaboard.

And the center’s forecasters give the other systems low likelihood of developing into major storms, 30 percent is the highest of the three. And it is on one that was already north of Georgia Saturday.

The system aiming at South Florida could pass into the Gulf of Mexico Sunday and one computer model shows it hooking back northeast toward Georgia. Even if it does develop, it would be much weakened before getting to the Atlantic coast again.

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