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Shoplifter claims medical condition makes her take hotdogs, spaghetti sauce

The following Incidents are taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department reports.



A Richmond Hill Police Department officer was sent to Kroger Aug. 4 regarding a shoplifter caught in the act.

“She said she has a medical condition that causes her to steal items,” the officer reported. “(She) said she was sorry for the theft and said she can not stop herself from stealing.”
The woman was cited, given a court date and released. She also was given a form banning her from Kroger.

As for what she tried to take, it was “Prego sauce, ground beef, ground turkey, Stouffers, Ballpark franks, and an apple.”
The items were returned to Kroger.



Property damage

A Pembroke man reported around midday Wednesday his car had been hit by a bullet.

A Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy investigated and “discovered a home made shooting range on the property directly behind the complainant,” a report said.
Deputies talked to the owner of the homemade shooting range, and he acknowledged he’d been target shooting.

“Deputies advised that a stray bullet had damaged the neighbor’s car … (the man) was extremely cooperative with deputies and drove to the complainant’s (home) to apologize.”
The two worked it out, with the range owner giving the man $600 “cash,” the report said.


Matter of record

Reports of damage to mailboxes don’t usually end like this:

A deputy was sent to aSouth Bryanaddress on Aug. 7 regarding damaged mailboxes. There, he was told a white auto parts van hit three of the complainant’s mailboxes – all bunched together, apparently.  

“Complainant informed me that the driver left a business card with a note on the back stating ‘I hit your mailboxes, call me.’,” the report said, noting the complainant wanted the incident documented in case the driver failed to take care of the damaged mailboxes.

They don’t usually end like this, either: On Aug. 6, a deputy was sent to an Ellabell address where a man said “someone had driven their vehicle into his mailbox and had left part of their vehicle behind,” the report said.

Not much, but a part nonetheless.
“I did locate a cover off an off-road light kid labeled Westin, which I took into evidence,” reported the deputy who handled the call.


Matter of record

This one’s kind of scary. A truck driver told BCSD he was heading south on I-95 on Aug. 5 around 1:30 a.m. when someone threw “an object from the (Belfast Siding) overpass which struck his vehicle.”

Though the driver didn’t notice damage at first, when he stopped in Midway he found some.  The man told the deputy he believes the object was a “cantaloupe” and that though the damage was minimal his company wanted him to make a report.


Property damage

The thing about owning vehicles is things happen to them. Like the following:
A Richmond Hill Police Department officer was dispatched to a Sterling Links Way address on Aug. 4 regarding a woman who reported that said “at some point today she believes (her vehicle) may have been involved in a hit and run.”

In other words, someone hit her pickup. The report said the woman had made a number of stops aroundRichmond Hillbetween 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., including two residences, two banks, the Post Office and Krogers. The woman said she didn’t notice the damage until she got to work. The report said there was a deep scratch on the door from the driver’s door to the back wheel well.

And then there’s this report from Aug. 4 in which a woman at the T/A Travel Center reported to RHPD she was headed south around 8:20 p.m. when “a large piece of metal fell off a nearby tractor trailer and into her lane of travel.”

The metal hit the rental car the woman was driving, causing damage.

The driver of the truck was also there, and said his rig had been serviced at the truck stop and a metal cover had not been reattached, causing it to fly off and damage the car.

And then there’s this: On Aug. 8 police were sent to the Richmond Hill Library regarding a vehicle with a busted window. The woman, apparently a library employee, said it happened at some point during the day, and police determined it looked as if the window had been “struck by a small projectile (possibly a BB).” The officer checked out the area and found no other windows had been shot.



Simple battery

An RHPD officer was sent to the McDonald’s on Highway 17 around 6:30 p.m. to meet a woman who had quite a tale to tell.

The woman said “two years ago she befriended (suspect) on Facebook and a month ago they decided to meet in person,” the report said.

So, the woman said she came toGeorgiato “spend a month or so” with the suspect, but “she became disillusioned when (he) began having her pay all the bills and asking her for money,” the report continued.

Things apparently came to a boil Aug. 4 when he hit her in the face, the woman said, so she packed up and left. But the officer noted he saw “no marks or signs of trauma of any kind,” on the woman’s face.

The woman wanted the man arrested, but the officer explained “we could not arrest him based solely upon her word. I told her I would document the incident and she could take that to the magistrate judge and pursue warrant procedures there,” the report said.
The woman was given the case number and told how to get a copy of the report, and she said she was through with the man and would “find another motel to stay in tonight before returning toCalifornia.”

As the one officer spoke with the woman, two other officers found the suspect staying at the Quality Inn.

He said the woman “had promised to come toGeorgiaand help him with his fledgling insurance business, but once she got here all she did was lay around by the pool,” the report said. The man said he helped her get a refund from the motel, helped her load her car and she left. He also denied hitting her.



Matter of Record

A River Oaks man reported Aug. 9 his chimney was struck by lightning.

“I observed several bricks on the ground behind his residence and later observed the damage from outside,” an RHPD officer reported. “The chimney was struck approximately three or four feet below the topmost portion on what appeared to be the east side of the chimney.”
There was no other damage, and the officer also noted firefighters had already been by to make sure there was interior damage or fire.


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