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Roundabout in works for Belfast River, 144?

The occasionally scary intersection at Highway 144 and Belfast River Road could one day be the site of a traffic roundabout, it seems.

Or maybe not.

“There is some talk about trying to incorporate a roundabout at Highway 144 and Belfast River Road,” said Georgia DOT District 5 Communications Officer Jill Nagel. “However, nothing is being changed at this point.”

The intersection also includes Capt. Matthew Freeman Drive, the entrance to the Bryan County Administrative Building, Henderson Park and the new Buckhead East subdivsion. Beginning this fall, it’ll also be home to McAllister Elementary, which is set to open in August.

Roundabouts, in which traffic moves in one direction in a circular motion and there are no traffic lights, are widely used in other countries and are starting to come in favor in Georgia and other parts of the U.S.

The DOT is also looking at a roundabout design for the new I-95 interchange at Belfast Keller.

Both it and the proposed widening at Highway 144 are still in the works, according to Nagel. The DOT is acquiring right of way on the $18 million widening of 144, and the interchange project is under review. It has made the U.S. DOT’s Statewide Transportation Improvement List, which means work could begin in 2018 if funding is available.


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