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Richmond Hill woman writes book on life, faith and family
Rebekah McLeod
Rebekah McLeod, center, with her family (from left): daughters Lauren, Skye and Morgan, husband Ian and son Andrew. - photo by Photo provided.

Rebekah McLeod didn’t start off with the intention of writing a blog, or a book, but now she has both. And she didn’t intend to have a baby when her first three children were 11, 15 and 18, but she did.

The combination is “The Secret Life of a Doctor’s Wife,” McLeod’s book based on her blog “Monday’s Muse.” The book, available on Amazon ( was released Oct. 3.

“I started writing in the middle of the night after our daughter Skye was born, just random stuff,” McLeod said. “It was very cathartic.”

A book signing is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 5 at Way Station Coffee Co.

Skye, now 4, is the topic of one of McLeod’s first blog posts. Her arrival was more than a little unexpected — in fact she was born nine years after husband Ian’s vasectomy failed.

“It happens, although not usually that late,” McLeod explains.

“My new favorite pastime is watching people’s reaction” to the explanation, McLeod wrote in an April 2014 post on her blog.

It’s been more than a whirlwind in the time since as Ian, an Army surgeon, prepares to retire next year and go into private practice. The family has been in Richmond Hill about a year. Eldest daughter Lauren Hembree, 23, is now married. Morgan is 20 and in college and Andrew, 16, is at Richmond Hill High School.

“We were sending out invitations to Lauren’s high school graduation the day after I found out I was pregnant,” McLeod said. “It was hard, to be honest. That’s a big part of my writings.”

McLeod said she began journaling on those sleepless nights about the process of such a huge change.

“I started writing random stuff, things about family, faith, relationships,” she recalls. “Eventually I started the blog and post almost every Monday.”

The book is organized into sections with posts on topics such as parenting, faith, family and health. The title, while a bit cheeky, comes from a blog post entry from January 2015 about the perks of having a doctor for a husband when it comes to family medical emergencies.

“A writer friend of mine thought it was really catchy,” McLeod said. “It sounds like there are some juicy stories, but it’s really just my ‘life’ stories.”

There might be more stories to come for the woman who is also a Christian singer/songwriter who has released CDs and toured.

“Writing a book has always been on my bucket list,” McLeod said. “I’ve thought about doing a memoir. Something about the interesting characters I’ve known.”

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