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Richmond Hill to smoke test sewers next week
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If you see suddenly smoke coming out of your sewer vent, it’s Richmond Hill conducting smoke tests to find leaks in its sewer system. The tests will run from Monday through Friday, depending on the weather, along Highway 144 west and side streets between Highway 17 and I-95. There will also be smoke testing in Richmond Hill Village.
Residents could see smoke coming from streets and yards along right-of-ways. There should not be smoke inside buildings, the city said. Residents who use their plumbing shouldn’t have any issues. “However, unused properties should have enough water in sinks, tubs and floor drains to fill P-traps prior to testing dates,” the city said. “(and) residents aware of potential stormwater leaks on their property should contact the city.”
For more information call 756-3345 or visit to get daily updates on testing schedule and locations.

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