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Richmond Hill keeps millage rate the same rate
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Residents in the city of Richmond Hill can look forward to another year without a tax increase.

At Tuesday’s regularly scheduled Richmond Hill City Council meeting, the council approved unanimously to hold the millage rate at 4.209 mills, which has been unchanged since 2008.

Mayor Harold Fowler said it is hard to not increase the millage rate during current budget times, but commended city employees who work hard to keep the rates low for citizens.

“Since 2009, our rate of revenue has dropped drastically, but we have been able to maintain our millage rates and I again will thank this council for doing all they could to keep it there and the department heads,” Fowler said.

A public hearing was held about the millage rate before Tuesday’s meeting, but netted zero attendees.

Also during the meeting, resident Blanche Cadelina addressed the council about a recent burglary of a sporting goods store in the city. She said it concerned her how easily accessible the guns and ammunition were.

“It appears (the weapons) were too readily available and I’m proposing the city council make a law in Richmond Hill that requires all businesses that sell weapons to install security bars or fencing on windows and doors,” Cadelina said.

She also proposed all businesses in the city that sell weapons should be required to remove all weapons from view or lock them behind extra security fencing when the business is closed.

Council member Russ Carpenter said he believed the city should look into security measures.

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