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Precinct, early voting changes ahead for county elections
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In addition to changes in the county’s political boundaries, voters will also notice some changes to county precincts and early voting during the 2012 elections.

Results from the 2010 census prompted Bryan County Commissioners to draw new political districts to coincide with state law that says all districts must be within 2.5 percent of the other. But not only will this change commissioner and board of education districts, it will also result in precinct changes, according to Elections Superintendent and Probate Judge Sam Davis.

“The commissioners were forced to draw new district lines due to population growth, so that necessitated the fact that we have to change precinct lines,” Davis said.

Davis said preliminary lines for new precincts have been drawn, but a public hearing must be held, and then the new precincts must be approved by the Justice Department. While he hopes to have the new precincts in effect by the end of January, he said they must be finalized in time for the July primary elections.

Davis noted one big precinct change is the area of Buckhead and Buckhead North in South Bryan. In the past, many of those residents have been included with other areas to make up Precinct 9 and voted at Corinth Baptist Church, he said. But starting this year, the two subdivisions will make up just one precinct, though he did not specify a new voting location.

Also in the past, Davis said there were some small county precincts, but this year there will be anywhere from 1,500-2,500 voters per precinct.

Once the new precincts are approved by the Justice Department, he said, registered voters will receive a card by mail notifying them of the change. Voters can also find their precinct location at, he said.

“We just remind the voters to be very mindful of the fact to please check where you’re supposed to vote because it will change for a lot of folks,” Davis said.

Voters will also notice changes in early voting this year. Early voting is held 21 days prior to each election, Davis said, and this year will include more than the 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday norm.

“Starting this year, there will be one Saturday of early voting,” Davis said, adding this is a statewide change.

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