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Police reports: Homeless man arrested after crashing funeral, drunk

Incidents are from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department reports.


Jan. 29

An RHPD officer was called to Richmond Hill Funeral Home around 8 p.m. “in reference to an intoxicated male yelling and cursing at people,” a report said.

“Before arriving at my destination I made contact with the male … on Ga. 144 at Exchange Street with an unopened can of Bud Ice. (The man) had an odor of alcohol coming from his person advising that he had not been drinking and that he had just left the funeral of a drinking buddy.”

At that time, another RPHD officer came to give the man a portable breath test and he blew a .147. And yet another went on to the funeral home, where they were told the man “became offensive” during a funeral, “when a female asked (the man) if he knew the deceased. (The man) then approached the female in an aggressive manner, cursing. The complainant … advised that he told (the man) he had to leave and (he) did so. After speaking with (the man) further, (he) did not know the deceased person and was using the front porch rocking chairs of the funeral home to rest his legs during the funeral.”

The man, whose address in the report was listed as “homeless” got a place to stay that night. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Jan. 31

A Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy was sent to a Highway 144 address regarding “damage done to his property,” a report said.

The damage?

 “(Complainant stated that his neighbor was having work done on some piping in his yard on the property line. The persons doing the work drove into the complainants yard in two different places damaging his grass. The complainant was given a case card and advised to speak with the magistrate court if he wished to recover his damages,” the report said.

Jan. 30

A deputy was sent to a Tivoli Marsh Road address regarding a neighbor complaint. There, the deputy spoke with a man who said “his neighbors … have several juveniles that live at the residence. He stat4ed that the juveniles have air soft guns that shoot plastic pellets. He stated that the juveniles shoot the guns at his vehicle parked under his car port behind his residence. There were plastic pellets on the ground by his car and along the driveway,’ the report said.
The deputy then spoke to the mother of the boys.

“She advised me that the juveniles would not shoot towards the side of the yard that (complainant) lives on anymore. She also stated that the juveniles have never shot the air soft guns at (the complainant’s) vehicle.”

The next report in the list is also a neighbor complaint --- and was apparently filed by the mother of the boys, though it’s not certain because the names and addresses are redacted by BSCD. But it’s same road, same time, same day. And same deputy.

This report says “She stated that her husband put their privacy fence up to separate her yard and (neighbor’s yard). The fence was put up one foot off (his) property line. (The woman) stated that (he) has nailed several bird houses to his fence. She stated that there is also a wood pile that is on her property that he keeps there.”

Feb. 1

A Bloomingdale woman was arrested for DUI and driving on the wrong side of the road after she swore she never drank – then blew a .220 and .216 on RHPD’s breathalyzer test, a report said.

The woman was spotted in Richmond Hill by an RHPD officer near Food Lion on Harris Trail Road around 2 a.m. “facing west, in the east bound lane of Harris Trail Road,” report said, with its blinker on showing the driver intended to turn onto Highway 17 south.

The officer pulled the woman over on 17 and another officer came to act as backup. After finding clues to the woman’s inebriation, from the odor of an alcoholic beverage to slurred speech to bloodshot eyes, the officer checked to find she had a valid license and insurance.

After asking the woman to step out of her car, the officer “asked if (she) had consumed any alcoholic beverages recently. (She) stated no and that she does not drink. I clearly detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person.”

That led to a series of field sobriety tests, of which the woman reportedly failed until the officer “stopped the test for her safety.”

She was arrested and later posted a cash bond.

Jan. 30

A Florida woman was charged with speeding and reckless driving after an RHPD officer clocked her northbound car doing 113 mph around 7:30 p.m. near the 86 mile marker and nearly hit another car.

The officer who pulled the woman over reported she was visibly upset, and with good reason, it turned out. She was “headed to a hospital in Savannah, to see her dying father,” the report said.

The officer explained how the woman’s driving “nearly caused a major collision,” but “based on the reasoning for the excessive speed, I determined it appropriate to cite and release (the woman) in lieu of jail.” He cited her, then gave her “directions to St. Joseph’s hospital and released her.”


Jan. 31

RHPD officers were sent to a Spruce Street address around 1 p.m. regarding a missing kid. It turned into quite a search by police and “numerous neighbors,” before the kid was found by a neighbor at his home “playing with toys.”

But first, police were called and while the reporting officer was with the boy’s mother at their home waiting on a photo of the child, whose age wasn’t released, she said her son “asked if he could go next door to play with the neighbor’s children but she informed him no. (The mom) stated that the listed juvenile then asked if he could play on the trampoline and she said yes. (Mom) indicated that she went inside the house for just a moment and when she came outside the listed juvenile was missing. By the time police had been notified of the incident (mom) and numerous neighbors had already begun flooding the Blueberry subdivision knocking on doors.”

The reporting officer got the photo and “sent it via text to all city and county units assisting with locating the missing juvenile. (Another officer) got a hold of the on call detective … and responded to the police department to begin lost child paperwork. While (an officer) was attempting to set up a command post, I observed the neighbor from (across the street) arrive home and after walking inside his residence, he walked across the street with the missing juvenile.”

Turns out, “the residents (across the street) left their front door unlocked when they left for church,” the report said. “(The boy’s mother) advised the listed juvenile plays over at that residence with the children who reside their quite frequently. The owner of the residence advised he had his children check his residence as soon as they got home and he found the listed juvenile playing in one of the bedrooms with toys.”

The woman and her son were reunited “without incident,” the report said.

Jan. 31

An RHPD officer was patrolling the Main Street subdivision around 5 a.m.—according to the report --- when he noticed a car had been egged. He notified the owner and asked her to check for damages. “I was later advised that upon washing the egg splatter from the vehicle’s driver door, faint egg scratches could be seen. According to (the owner), her vehicle is a leased vehicle, adding that she wished for a report for insurance purposes.”

She was given a case number and told the officer she won’t press charges. Her car was one of four police found that had been egged.

Jan. 31

A Richmond Hill man told BCSD he was driving on Rathlin Road heading towards his residence and “around the pond area a grey older model Ford Escort was traveling the opposite direction,” a report said. “One of the occupants threw something out of the window and hit his vehicle. He turned around and tried to find the Escort but it was gone. When (he) arrived at home he found out the subject had thrown eggs at his vehicle. We checked the area (the car) could not be found.”




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