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Police blotter: Threats, meth allegations at Morgans Bridge Road address
Also, deliverry driver claims Buckhead man threatens to shoot his tire out

The below incidents are taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

March 29

Deputies were dispatched to a Morgan’s Bridge Road address around 6:45 a.m. in response to “threatening communications.”
The complainant, a woman, said her live-in boyfriend had threatened her. He was no longer at the home when deputies arrived “due to him chasing her friend out of the area in his vehicle,” the report said, but was continuing to “calling and sending threatening texts to her ….”

Deputies told the woman to call back if she had further problems, and at 8:20 a.m. BCSD deputies were sent back to the address after the woman’s boyfriend called 911 to say she “was smoking methamphetamine and dumping and flushing it down the toilet,” the report said.

Once deputies arrived, they found the woman alone. She told them her boyfriend “did sell methamphetamine and that he was a user of the drug as well,” and the report said it appeared the woman was under the influence of the drug.
“While we there (the woman) did receive a text message saying that she did not get a restraining order against him because he did not want to be with a methed out (profanity) anyways ….” the report continued.

Once the woman got the text she and deputies deduced that her boyfriend was nearby “and could hear what was being said since she just advised to get a restraining order against him,” but deputies checked and couldn’t find him.

So, deputies “advised (the woman) that if (it) became a constant issue between the two of them, and due to the fact that methamphetamine was the issue and can be dangerous to the other residents in the area, both would be arrested for disorderly house. Officers then left the area for a second time.”

March 29

It’s getting so you almost can’t park anywhere, these days.

A man reported he parked at the Dollar General in Ellabell, went into the store and when he came out around 10:25 a.m. “found that the passenger side of his vehicle was substantially damaged,” the report said.
The deputy saw the damage, which included “debris from the broken taillight and debris belonging to the offender vehicle. It was evident at the scene that another vehicle had run into his vehicle and left the scene.”

The man was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report for insurance purposes. And, “a fragment that appeared to be part of the offender vehicle taillight assembly was recovered from the scene as well in hopes of possibly identifying the offender vehicle if located at a later time.”

March 29

Deputies were sent to an Eldora Road address “in reference to a stolen wallet,” a report said.

There, a deputy interviewed the victim, who told them an acquaintance had “likely” stolen her wallet with $1,800 inside while helping her move.

“All of the information provided by the victim as to who and how the listed offender … had stolen her wallet, although logical and likely correct, was purely circumstantial.”

The woman got a case number and was told how to get a copy of the report.

March 27

A man reported he and a friend were robbed at gunpoint at the intersection of Highway 119 and Eldora Road in Bulloch County. The man said “he was riding with a female friend … when she pulled up to the intersection and another white male approached the passenger side of the vehicle and demanded money and the cell phone …. The two suspects left the victim on the road side and drove off in a blue grayish Nissan Altima,” the report said.

The BCSD deputy “advised since the … robbery took place in Bulloch County that they needed to contact the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office for further assistance.”

March 27

A deputy was sent to an Old Dixie Road address because a drunk man was cussing in front of kids. The complainant said the man came into his yard and tried to start a fight with his son. The man allegedly admitted to yelling at the complainant’s family and “indicated that he would not bother them again this date,” the report said.

March 26

A Lila Lane woman went to the BCSD office in Pembroke to report the decal on her license plate was stolen. The woman said she was told the decal was missing while on Fort Stewart.

March 26

A White Street resident went to BCSD to report someone took the tag off her pickup. The woman told BCSD she noticed the tag missing the day before.

March 24

A restaurant delivery driver reported a Buckhead man threatened to shoot his tires out if he didn’t slow down. Nobody backed that story up, however.

The driver said he was delivering a pizza from a local restaurant to a Kingston Circle address when a man who lives next door “yelled at him to slow down as he went past his house,” the report said. “(The complainant) stated he was not speeding when he went past his residence. He stated that he slowed down because there were children playing in the road.”

The driver said he got out to deliver the pizza and the man “began to yell at him and threatened to shoot his tires out of if he did not slow down in his neighborhood. (Complainant) stated that the subject then bent down and grabbed his ankle as if to be pulling out a gun,” the report said. “(Complainant) stated that the customer that he was delivering the pizza to got in between the two of them. (Complainant) left the residence and drove to (the restaurant) and called the Sheriff’s Office.”

The deputy then talked to the man who ordered the pizza. He didn’t take the driver’s side.

“He stated that (the driver) got out of his vehicle and smarted off to his neighbor … who was telling (the driver) he needed to slow down when he was driving through the neighborhood because there were children outside playing.”
The man also said his neighbor never threatened the driver nor did he mention anything about a gun. The deputy then spoke to the alleged would-be shooter, who said he yelled at the driver to slow down.

“(He) did say he reached down to scratch his ankle during the incident,” the report noted.

March 25

A deputy was sent to a Walker Road address around 8:30 a.m. “in reference to the complainant’s dog being shot,” a report said.

The victim said she let her dog out to use the bathroom – which she does every day – and “heard approximately three gunshots,” which sounded as if they came from a nearby residence.

The deputy saw the dog, a yellow lab, “walking around the front yard of (the complainant’s) property. This dog was bleeding from the right rear leg area. (Complainant) advised at this time she did not have a way to transport the dog to receive medical treatment and that she would wrap the wound herself.”
The deputy “also advised (the complainant of) the laws of keeping a dog secure.”





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