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Police blotter for Jan. 26
RHPD, BCHS reports

The below incidents are taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Jan. 24

An RHPD officer patrolling Highway 17 shortly before 7 p.m. spotted a car heading north “cross over the yellow line two times with both left tires,” a report said.

The officer pulled the car over and asked for the driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration. It took the man two tries to hand the officer his license – he first handed over a business card – and “I noticed there to be a strong odor (consistent) with an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle. I also noticed (the driver’s) eyes to be bloodshot and his speech to be slurred,” the report continued.

The officer asked if the man had had anything to drink and was told “he had a beer earlier in the day.”

The officer asked the man to get out of the vehicle, and the officer noted the man “had a hard time maintaining his balance,” the report said.

And then, “(The driver) then asked if he could urinate by my car to which I replied no,” the officer reported, then noted the man failed field sobriety tests and then blew a .110 and a .120 at RHPD. The legal limit is .08. The man was cited, etc. His car was turned over to a friend.

Jan. 24

An RHPD officer was called to a Myrtle Grove address to handle a report of a phone scam. The complainant said he’d been getting calls the past two weeks “from someone claiming that he has won a large sum of money and a new Mercedes car,” the report said.

“(Complainant) stated that the caller advised that he needed to purchase a scratch card (possibly a Green Dot cad) for the purpose of paying for a handling fee for delivering the vehicle and money,” the report said. “(Complainant) stated that he never gave the caller any personal information during any of the phone calls. (Complainant) stated that he did not purchase the scratch card and is not missing any money.”
The man wanted to document the incident, however, just in case “any of his accounts have been compromised.”

In addition, the calls came from a number of phone numbers, including one which connects to the Memorial Medical Center switchboard, the report said.

Jan. 22

An RHPD officer was sent to a Rice Gate Drive address “regarding the report of a vehicle fire.’
Once the officer got there, he met the complainant, “who was standing outside of the house next door to where a grey Honda Civic was on fire.”

The woman said she’d bought the car two days earlier from M&M motors in Liberty County, the report said. “In looking at the car, I could see flames throughout the entire engine compartment of the car,” the officer noted. “I attempted to assist in putting the fire out with a nearby water hose. However, the flames were so intense that the water from the hose had very little effect on the fire.”
The fire department arrived and put the fire out, the report said, and the owner told the officer she’d left Hinesville, driven to Bryan County Middle School and then went home.

“There, the vehicle started to make a peculiar noise and smoke began to billow out of the engine compartment,’ the Report said. “(Complainant) advised that she turned the vehicle off as soon as possible and called for help as she watched the flames increase.”

She was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report.


Jan. 20

A South Bryan man spoke with a Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy about someone dumping on his land. The man said he owns a 10-acre tract off Harris Trail Road and allows a hunter to use the property and “about a week ago the hunter observed that his cable gate had been removed and was missing,” a report said. “(Complainant) also stated an unknown person had dumped trash on his property. (Complainant) provided me two USAA insurance cards and one Suntrust check listed to a (name removed) that was located in the trash pile on his property.”
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is investigating.

Jan. 19

A BCSD deputy was sent to a Holly Hill Road address regarding harassment. There, the complainant said someone he only knows through neighbors as “D” came to his property with three other men in a car and tried to get him to “come out into the street.” “(Complainant stated ‘D’ kept saying, ‘Where’s my check for the weed you stole from me?’” the report said.

The complainant said he’s never stolen anything from “D” and believes “the teenagers he does not let hang around his house with his teenage step daughter are starting trouble.”

The complainant also said a neighbor told him one of the men standing outside the vehicle during the confrontation “appeared to have put a gun in the waist band of his pants,” the report said. Police were given a description of the man, who also has the letter “D” tattooed on the left side of his neck, the report said.

Jan. 17

A deputy was sent to Henderson Park “in reference to a subject unlawfully dumping.” There, the deputy spoke with a man who said he spotted a white Toyota pickup pull down a dirt path near the pond and dump a “truck load of limbs next to a pile of trash that was already there.”

Jan. 17

A BCSD deputy was sent to a Highway 119 address regarding an animal complaint. The complainant said he was working on his neighbor’s house “a large white in color shepherd dog came onto the roperty and chased his small dog around the house and also growled at him. (Complainant) stated the dog was aggressive towards him. (Complainant) also stated he went to the dog’s owner’s residence … to speak with the owner and upon doing so the dog was aggressive while at the door and restrained by its owner,’ the report said.

The deputy then went to talk to the dog’s owners, who said their dog did chase the complainant’s dog, but “not in an aggressive manner.”

Instead, “their dog was wanting to play with the other one, not harm it. (Owner) stated her husband went and retrieved their dog and went inside … shortly (afterward) (complainant was at their residence pounding on the door and upon answering the door the dog became protective due to the loud knock and was restrained,” the report said. “(Owner) stated the dog is not aggressive, very large and playful. (Owners) also wanted to document that (complainant) threatened to shoot their dog while he was present at their door in case something happened to their dog later.”


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