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Police blotter: Dog bites, shots fired, undelivered merchandise

The following incidents are from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Dec. 9

A Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy was sent to a Sanctuary Drive address that afternoon on what was called “an animal complaint.”

The deputy spoke to a man who said earlier in the day his daughter and her friend took their “18-week-old Chihuahua” for a walk, a report said, and “he said this is her normal activity … in the afternoon.”

“(Complainant) stated a few minutes later he heard a commotion outside and went out (to) investigate and could see his daughter down the road crying, holding her puppy and the suspect’s dog holding on to her wrist as she was trying to get away,” the report said.

The complainant told the deputy he ran to help his daughter and “his daughter’s friend” kicked the dog, but it came back so “he kicked the dog harder and then chased it up into the owner’s yard,” and then took his daughter home to treat her wounds – which were shown to the deputy and consisted of “several lacerations and swollen punctures that appeared to be from dog bites” on the girl’s left wrist.

So the deputy then spoke to owner of the dog, and he said when “he heard of the incident he went to check on the juvenile and (complainant) got verbally aggressive.”

The man said “(complainant) told him he needed to keep the dog locked in the backyard and if (complainant) (saw) it out in the neighborhood again he would kill the dog,” the report continued.

The man said that if his dog left his yard “it was not to hurt the (girl) but to ‘play’ with her dog. (He) stated that he has an invisible electrical fence …” but the battery might have died and caused the fence to fail.

The deputy also talked to neighbors who said the man’s 8-pound Yorkie, apparently the guilty party in this incident “has never been aggressive” and the complainant has a short temper.

The complainant, meanwhile, told the deputy “he was not looking to sue or for the dog to be destroyed. (He) only wanted the incident documented. (He) asked that the incident not be reported to animal control.”

Dec. 9

Deputies were dispatched to a Highway 119 address late at night “In reference to shots fired then the suspects leaving the residence in a (car).”

“Upon arrival deputies made contact with (complainant), who advised that she heard several gun shots that sounded as if they came from a larger gun, then she heard several more gun shots as if they came from a smaller gun,” the report said, adding that the car turned around in the complainant’s yard and left.

Deputies checked the area, but could find no evidence shots had been fired. They talked to a neighbor who said he too heard shots and spotted “someone standing in the woodline with a flashlight,” the report said.

The man said he then went to check on a neighbor, found him okay and then went back home, the report ended.

Dec. 9

A deputy was sent to Charlie’s Road regarding a damaged mailbox.

“(Complainant) stated on 12-07-14 at about 1300 hours, her mailbox was in good working order. (Complainant) stated on this date about 0700 hours she noticed her mailbox was damaged.”

The deputy checked it out.

“I observed that the mailbox was bent and the door unable to secure closed. I was able to bend the mailbox to its original shape at the victim’s request. I was able to secure the mailbox door to the closed position,” the deputy wrote.

Dec. 10

Deputies were sent to a Wolf Pen Island Road address “in reference to threats,” a report said, and here’s the narrative in its entirety.

“Upon arrival, I spoke to the complainant. She stated that her dog had escaped and wandered over to a neighbor’s yard (offender). She retrieved her dog and while doing so, the offender, who the complainant stated was intoxicated, cussed at her and threatened to shoot her dog. He then further threatened to shoot her dog in its own yard and further cussed at the complainant. I was unable to make contact with the complainant because he had left prior to my arrival. I provide the complainant with a case number and advised her on the warrant process. N/F.”

Dec. 10

Another incident involving a dog.

“On Dec. 10, 2014 I was dispatched to (a Bothwell Road address) in reference to an aggressive dog,” a report said. “Upon arrival I spoke to the complainant … who indicated that she was sitting out on her front porch when (a neighbor’s) dog tried to attack her dog. (Complainant) indicated that she picked up her dog to get it out of harm’s way when the dog bit her on her right ring finger.”
The woman said she didn’t need EMS because she as a nurse. The deputy found the owner of the offending dog, who “caught his dog and put him inside his home. Animal Control arrived on scene and the case was turned over to them.”

Dec. 11

A deputy was sent to a Harbour Lane address regarding “undelivered merchandise,” a report said.

There, he spoke to the complainant, who said she ordered two laptops from Walmart and when she got the package, there was only one inside.

The woman told the deputy she then called Walmart and was told to call local law enforcement and get a report.

So, she showed the deputy a packing slip that showed two computers, and the box. “I observed that the box was marked Walmart, that it contained one laptop, had a large amount of packing paper inside that was consistent with (complainant’s) statement”, the deputy reported. “I provided (complainant) an incident report number that documented her incident.”







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