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Pembroke voter maps won't be updated by elections
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It appears as though voting district is Pembroke won’t be updated in time for the November municipal election – thanks in part to late, and possibly contested, census results.

At the Pembroke City Council meeting May 9, city attorney Carol Miller explained that the city is in the process of redistricting voter maps in accordance with the 2010 Census results. If the results prove that data affected change to the demographics of council districts, it is required that districts be reapportioned.

But, Miller said, since Census results were not released until late March, and voter maps were not available until May, Pembroke, along with many other cities, has not had time to redistrict voter maps.

Although it will be finished within the next few months, it will not be completed in time to be approved by the state for this year’s election, she said.

Additionally, Miller said the some feel the census results – which show lower-than-expected growth for the area – are incorrect. Measures are being taken to appeal the results, she said, but the U.S. Census Bureau will not accept appeals until June, further delaying voter map redistricting.

For more, pick up a copy of the May 14 edition of the News.

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