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Pembroke OKs bligh ordinance
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City officials are also considering allowing the sale of package liquor.

Pembroke now has a blight ordinance.

The measure, called "the derelict and blighted property ordinance," was passed at Monday’s city council meeting and is already enforceable – though Pembroke City Administrator Alex Floyd said "we’re not about to kick people out of houses they live in."

Instead, the ordinance is at least partly aimed at ridding the town of dilapidated structures that are usually vacant. The city will tackle them in phases, Floyd said.

It was unclear Wednesday exactly how many buildings in Pembroke are effected by the ordinance, which targets those "unfit for human habitation or for commercial, industrial, or business occupancy and that are dangerous to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of the city and that a public necessity exists for the repair, closing or demolition of such dwellings, businesses or structures," the ordinance said.

It allows Pembroke to use its powers to either fix up or tear down such structures, the ordinance said.

The blight ordinance also covers unsightly property where weeds, trash, "junk or filth and other unsanitary or unsafe conditions create a public health hard or general nuisance to the persons residing in the vicinity."

Floyd said the ordinance will be enforced by Lt. Kelly Price, the city’s code enforcement officer.

Liquor and lifeguards

An effort to rid the city of unsightly properties isn’t the only thing on the council’s plate. Pembroke officials are now also considering whether to allow package sales of liquor in the city limits, Floyd said.

That will first require a petition containing the signatures of at least 35 percent of the registered voters who voted in the last general election.

In addition, Pembroke is looking to hire lifeguards. Applicants can apply at city hall, or call city hall for more information.

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