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Pembroke now has an official poem
City adopts poem as part of Georgia Cities Week
Poem Winners2

Pembroke Pride

By Vergie Barnard and Essie Deloach


A century or more has passed

Since a wise man had a vision

Of a town along a new railroad.

His name was Pembroke Williams.


An honorable man Judge Williams was

So when time finally came

To name the town they honored him –

“Pembroke” became its name.


Then the year 1905

Leaders devised a plan

To incorporate their settlement

Through which the railroad ran.


Town folk met at Burgess’ store

It being their intent

To install trusted officials

Their city to represent.


Harvesting timber, turpentine,

With a way to ship them too,

Required new homes for workers

So the city steadily grew


Pembroke with dedication and grace

Has earned a prestige of its own

And loyal residents share a part

Of progress it has known.


Neighbors wave and cordially call

To anyone of listening ear

And most will find best of all –

Contentment has dominion here.


Surely its namesake would be proud

To see what it’s become

Our thanks to him for his foresight

And what we now call home.

It's not often one sees a city adopt a poem as its own these days.
The city of Pembroke did just that Monday, when city council members recognized several writers and Mayor Mary Warnell took some advice from sixth graders.
As part of the Georgia Municipal Association's statewide "If I were Mayor" essay contest, Bryan County Middle School sixth graders Emma Lane, Arielle Moody and Jacob Bell were recognized as the top three writers in the contest.
Moody took home second place while Bell finished third. Lane placed first, although she couldn't attend the council meeting.
Warnell said she was impressed by the essays, and took seriously the young writers' suggestions for more park and recreation areas in the city, adding more jobs for city residents and more.
Also, residents and sisters Vergie Barnard and Essie Deloach were recognized for their poem entitled "Pride in Pembroke," which is now the city's official poem.
Barnard, who has had several poems published in the past, said this was the first time she had written poetry since her daughter passed away. She said she wanted to do something special for the city.
"It was something I wanted to do for my city because I love Pembroke and I have a special feeling for Pembroke," Barnard said. "I have left and have lived in other areas, but I have always come back because I love it."
Read full story in Wednesday's Bryan County News.

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