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Motel sink falls on man's toe
RHPD police reports

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Matter of record
On Aug. 21, a Richmond Hill Police Department officer was dispatched to a room at a local motel “in reference to a sink falling.”
“On arrival, contact was made with the complainant/victim … who was walking down the stairs to meet with me,” the report continued. “As he stepped off the stairs, I noticed what appeared to be a severe injury to his left big toe.”
The officer asked what happened. The complainant/victim said “the sink in his room fell on his toe.”
The complainant/victim didn’t stop there. “(The man) stated that he had previously stayed in (the room) and had advised the owner … that the sink needed to be repaired. Earlier today (the man) stated that he had registered ... and was given the same room again.”
The complainant/victim said he asked the owner if the sink had been fixed. He said the owner told him it had been repaired.
“On this evening, while washing himself (the man) stated that the sink fell, landing on his toe,” he told the officer, who noted the man’s injury seemed bad enough to warrant a look by EMS.
“On their arrival, they conducted first aid treatment by bandaging (his) injury. He refused to be transported to a medical facility,” the report said.
The officer then spoke with the owner, who said he was aware of the injury but there was nothing wrong with the sink.
“(He) started giving excuses of why the sink may have fallen, stating that people often place heavy objects in the sinks causing them to break,” the report said.
The officer gave both the complainant/victim and the owner the case number.

Disorderly conduct
Police were sent to a local watering hole around 2 a.m. Sunday regarding a “drunken person refusing to leave the establishment,” a report said.
There, the officers found “a white male, approximately 50 years of age … subject was having difficulty in maintaining his balance … his face was extremely flushed, eyes bloodshot and speech slurred,” the report continued. “(He) had a combative attitude eand refusedto listen to officers as we attempted to ascertain his identity.”
The man eventually gave a name, but had no ID on him and “when asked where he lived he simply stated that he was lost and did not know where he was,” the report went on. “During my conversation with (the man) he kept stating ‘I was a Marine Recon” each time pointing the complainant, adding ‘and I’m going to kick his (expletive deleted)’ making that statement several times.”
The man kept it up, so he was arrested and put in a cop car. The reporting officer then talked with the complainant, a bar employee. He said the man showed up, drank a lot and began bothering ladies at the bar to the point he was asked to leave. “(The man) refused to obey the request and becoming more agitated, continuing his harassment of the patrons in the establishment.”
So, bar employees escorted the man outside and locked him out. “(The man) then began pounding on the door demanding to be let back,” and that’s when the police were called.
The officer then went back to the man to try and find some ID on him. The man said he had a Florida driver’s license, but a search of the NCIC found no record of the man in either Florida or Georgia, so he was taken to jail and police hoped to identify him through his fingerprints.

Matter of record
A RHPD officer was sent to Highway 144 just east of Brisbon Road shortly before 2 p.m. Aug. 23 to take a report of a vehicle fire.
 There, he spoke with the driver and her passenger, “who stated they were driving along when several of the electrical systems began operating by themselves including the wipers and the horn.”

Then, the engine died so the driver pulled off the road, opened the hood and “saw flames, so she called 911.”

The Richmond Hill Fire Department responded and put out the fire, which apparently began and was concentrated in “the area of the fuse box,” the report said.

The owner had the vehicle towed.

A Plantation Apartment’s resident reported on Aug. 22 that he’d spent the past three weeks out of town and that at some point “someone had entered his property and taken his television and nine pairs of shoes.”
The reporting officer noted it appeared the culprit got into the apartment through a window.
On Aug. 20, an officer was sent to a local roofing business regarding a report of damage and a stolen vehicle.
The officer met with an employee of the business who “advised when he arrived at work at approximately 0555 he observed that the front gate had been damaged and it appeared a truck with a trailer had been stolen.”
It also seemed “whoever stole the truck and trailer crashed the truck into the gate to force it open,” the report said, noting the officer found footprints where the truck had been parked.
An on-call detective was dispatched and a lookout was placed on the vehicle, a white flat bed 2000 Ford 650 with as brand new 14-foot-long utility trailer full of used shingles.
Criminal trespass
A man reported Aug. 20 that his van had been vandalized, again.
The man said he got into the van around 8:30 a.m. and started it up, then “as he started pulling forward he head glass dropping so he stopped and then discovered the damage.”
The officer found “several small stones on the ground near the rear of the van and (the owner) speculated that these could have been used to break the window. (Owner) also advised me that this is the second time in eight days this has happened.”
Nothing was taken from the van and “no other projectiles of any kind were located.

Criminal trespass
A man reported Aug. 19 that a “a truck drove through his yard which left markings.”


“I noticed the marks were running through (the man’s) yard … (the man) advised that his neighbor has cameras on his house and believes they caught the vehicle on them.”
The officer then spoke with the neighbor and watched the video, which showed a white pickup cut drive down the street, then cut through the man’s yard.
The officer was unable to make out the tag number, but a copy of the video was collected and will be “sent to CID to try and obtain a tag for the vehicle.”

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