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Fort Stewart welcomes Clydesdales
Eight Clydesdales pull the Budweiser beer wagon Thursday morning down Fort Stewarts Sixth Street. Each day, the 2,000-pound horses eat 15-20 quarts of mixed grain and 60 pounds of hay, and they drink 30 gallons of water - photo by Randy C.Murray

They’re some of the largest and most famous horses in the world and, recently, Budweiser’s Clydesdales visited Fort Stewart.
All hitched up to the equally famous beer wagon, the giant horses paraded up and down Sixth Street for two hours Thursday for soldiers and their families to enjoy.
Prior to their public showing, the horses were stabled at Stewart’s Bits & Bridles Horse Stables. Stable manager Glenda Watts said the team visiting Stewart was from St. Louis and included 10 Clydesdales and their dalmatian puppy mascot, Clyde. Watts, who works part-time as a volunteer, said the 14 members who use the installation’s stables are active-duty and retired military or family members.
John Nisley, assistant team leader for the Clydesdale team visiting Stewart, said he’s worked with Budweiser’s famous horses for five years, but has spent most of his life working with horses.
“I grew up with horses,” Nisley said. “My dad had Belgian draft horses. They’re about the same size (as Clydesdales) but require less maintenance.”

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