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Festival with a heart
Carnival slows pace, opens for special needs families
Three festival-goes zoom down the giant slide Friday in J.F. Gregory Park in a race to the bottom during the 15th annual Great Seafood Festivals private opening for families with special needs individuals. - photo by By Magdalena Bresson

The last five years of the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival have been “extra special” thanks to a handful of dedicated volunteers and a community of eager ambassadors.
Since 2008, the festival carnival has opened for two hours on the first day of business to welcome families with special needs individuals — and this year was no different.
Bonnie Proctor, event organizer, was on hand Friday to share in the fun and help the families celebrate a rare opportunity.
“The amazing thing that I learned last year that I hadn’t necessarily thought of was that for some families, it’s not just the child that has to miss out on things like this — it’s the parents and the siblings, too,” Proctor said. “This is an extra special treat for the entire family.”
From 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday, the carnival slowed down its rides and lowered the noise levels for children and family members that might ordinarily become overwhelmed by a traditional carnival setting.
According to Proctor, only 100 admission tickets were sold — not for lack of space or staff, but rather to preserve the atmosphere that makes the carnival enjoyable for people with special needs.

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