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Fence issue draws discussion at city council meeting
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A fence located in a drainage easement drew some discussion at Tuesday’s Richmond Hill City Council meeting.

The request from homeowner Robert Bromm of Richmond Hill Plantation to leave the fence that was built in an easement was approved 2-1 with council member Van Hunter casting the nay vote. Council member Jan Bass was absent.

Hunter said he was opposed to the request because of two prior situations with other residents who were made to move their fence out of an easement where a force main was located.

“The issue I’ve got is trying to be consistent as possible, and if we made the last two come in move that fence closer in as far as possible to not be in the easement and we haven’t asked these folks … I’ve got a real issue with that,” Hunter said.

Council member Russ Carpenter disagreed.

“I think you’re comparing apples to oranges,” Carpenter said. “I think we reached a solution with the other two, just like we’re trying to do here.”

Inspections Supervisor Randy Dykes told the council it would be ideal if the fence wasn’t in the easement at all.

“That’s a storm drain easement there, so if we have any kind of blockage in the storm drain pipe from a flood, OMI (Operations Management International/public works) has got to get in there and take care of it,” Dykes said.

Local contractor John Hopkins spoke on behalf of the homeowner and noted the fence is removable.

He said if there was an emergency in which the fence had to be removed, the owners would bear all costs.

“We’ve also said that we would record this variance, if we’re approved, so no matter who owns the house in the future, the deed is flagged that they have to agree to the same agreement we’re proposing right now,” Hopkins said.

Dykes said in a case of an emergency, workers shouldn’t need to worry about removing a fence.

“It’s a removable fence, but if it’s an emergency or they’ve got to do an emergency repair on the pipe, you know they don’t have a lot of time to go in there and remove a fence or shrubbery,” he said.

In other business:

• The council approved a request from Kathy Darlene Herbst and the Travel Centers of America for an alcoholic beverage license.

• Mayor Harold Fowler announced there would be a public hearing at 7 p.m. Dec. 4 regarding the 2013 budget.

• A request from The Children’s Village to serve beer and wine only at a parent advisory board meeting in the Wetland’s Center in J.F. Gregory Park on Dec. 14 was approved.

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