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Crime Reports: Kids will be kids, women fight at ice machine

Incidents taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:


Feb. 8

A BCSD deputy was sent to an Ellabell convenience store on Highway 80 shortly before 10 a.m. to handle a call of damaged property. There, a complainant said “someone snatched the ice sign off her ice machine. (She) also noticed that a ‘smiley face’ was burned into the flag that was advertising her ice machine,” the report said.

“(The woman) had no suspect information, but the suspect also changed the lettering on a display sign from ‘space for rent,’ to ‘pot for sale.’ This might suggest juveniles were involved.”

Deputies said they’d patrol the area more often.


Feb. 7

A deputy was sent to the intersection of Highway 144 and the 144 Spur regarding a disabled vehicle.

There, he learned the driver’s “front right tire came off as he was turning from Ga. 144 West onto (the spur).”
The driver was able to stop the vehicle without causing a crash and with “only minor damage to his front right wheel hub and brake rotor.”
The driver had already called a two truck. Deputies hung around and directed traffic until the vehicle was removed.

Feb. 7

A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address to speak with a woman who had this to say:

“(She) stated her and her mother ... were driving along a trail on their property to their pond when they heard 4 wheelers approaching them. (She) said she got out of her vehicle and stood in the middle of the path and demanded the 4 wheelers and a motorcycle stop and get off their property. (She) said three of the boys got ugly and started to use vulgar language towards them. (She) also stated when she heard the 4 wheelers leave … she heard what sounded to be 8 to 10 gun shots, but did not know if it was related or not.”
The woman said there were approximately six young white males between ages of 16-18 years old. One of the four wheelers was orange. And, the woman said this wasn’t the first time it had happened.

Deputies looked round for the 4 wheelers but had no luck finding them.


Feb. 1

Deputies were sent to the El Cheapos at Highway 280 and I-16 regarding a fight between two women, one apparently a store clerk.

Here’s what the report said: “Complainant stated that she was attacked by the other suspect. (She) explained that she was very rude to her and told her that she did not want her business and to leave the store. At that time (the other woman) tried to get some ice from the ice machine and (complainant) tried to stop her. At that time, both parties began to fight each other.”

The deputy then spoke to the suspect, “who stated that she was trying to get icefrom the drink machine and that (complainant) attacked her and grabbed her and began to hit her.”

The store owner then showed up and “we were able to look at the video recording to see what happened,” the report continued. “At that time we determined that it was a mutual disagreementand fight and that the only way to settle the issue was to take both parties to jail. Once this was explained to both parties, they did not want to pursue charges against each other. Officers then cleared the area.”

Feb. 4

Don’t shoplift at the Dollar General in Black Creek. You will be caught.

A BCSD deputy was sent to the store regarding a shoplifter who left the store before the deputy could arrive. But, the complainant had a tag number, and the deputy followed up. First, he checked surveillance video in the store and “observed the offender place items into her purse. Said offender then paid for a couple of items and departed the store when the clerk called 911.”
The deputy “observed the offender in the video and gained a description,” then went to the Hidden Creek subdivision address on the vehicle registration.

“Upon arrival reporting officer made contact with a female who fit the description on the video.”
After a talk, the woman admitted taking the items and gave them back to the deputy, who cited her for shoplifting and gave her a criminal trespass notice.


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