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County seeks input on planning through survey
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Bryan County officials are seeking feedback via a survey to help guide them as they craft a new comprehensive land use plan.

The survey, which can be accessed online at, is open to anyone who lives, works or enjoys spending leisure time in Bryan County. It will remain open until 5 p.m. on Dec. 15.

“We realize not everyone can stop by a meeting to talk with us, but that shouldn’t keep anyone from sharing their visions or community needs with us,” County Commission Chairman Carter Infinger said. “This survey is a very handy tool that will allow anyone with a few minutes to spare to weigh in on the plan and have a say in our county’s future. Our residents’ quality of life is very important, and we’ll take these thoughts and ideas into consideration when prioritizing the plan.”

The 20-question survey starts off with general questions such as the participant’s age range, whether or not they live in the county and if they are a homeowner, renter or business owner.

The survey, although confidential, also asks users to identify in which one of nine specific geographical locations they live or work.

Beyond that, the survey asks users to identify and rank the importance of several items the county should take into consideration for the land use plan, such as environmental habitat, greenspaces, flooding and water quality.

Officials also want peoples’ opinions on where county resources should be directed — parks, water access and multi-use paths — for example.

Finally, the survey asks about satisfaction of current services, such as trash collection, code enforcement and public safety, and priorities of things like traffic congestion, property rights and historic preservation.

The county’s comprehensive plan consists of maps, text, data and support documents that form the foundation of Bryan County’s planning program. The plan provides guidance for the county's physical growth through its various elements and related goals, objectives and policies. The metrics gathered through the survey will be used in the planning process as the county prepares for future growth and infrastructure needs.

They survey is one of several measures put in place by Bryan County to give the public opportunities to offer input and opinions on the comprehensive land use plan. Last month, county leaders held two public input sessions — one on each end of the county — and encouraged residents to share their insights and discuss any pertinent matters of concern. More than 100 people attended.

For more information on the comprehensive land use plan, see

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