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Council tables development request 3-2
Colonial March decision held; Plantation Villiage pulled from agenda
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The Richmond Hill City Council voted 3-2 Tuesday to table rezoning a 187.7-acre parcel of land proposed as Colonial Marsh, while the vote on the planned development Plantation Village was pulled from the agenda.
Plantation Village developer Steve Croy requested Tuesday afternoon that the items regarding the development – a minor subdivision in the 112-acre parcel and the revised master plan – be pulled from the agenda due to ongoing discussions with the project’s biggest opponent, the Ford Plantation.
“Over the last week, we’ve been in discussions with the Ford Plantation and have reached an agreement with them on their concerns,” Croy said. “We’re in the process of working through those (concerns) and with the DOT, and wanted to get that information back to them (Ford Plantation), and then address the council as a group when we get those issues addressed.”
Meanwhile, council members Russ Carpenter and Jimmy Hires voted to table the rezoning request of a 187.7-acre parcel known as Colonial Marsh, while Marilyn Hodges and Van Hunter voted against. Mayor Harold Fowler’s vote in favor of the motion to table broke the tie.
City Attorney Ray Smith recommended the matter be put off until the Oct. 4 meeting due to receipt of last-minute information he characterized as a threat.
Smith said Thompson Kurrie, an attorney with the Coleman Talley law firm of Atlanta, contacted him at 1:55 p.m. Tuesday on behalf of Greenland, the applicant who’s under contract to purchase the property. The call was regarding conditions set forth by a previous council in 2007, Smith said.
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