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Council buys Colonial Marsh property
Council OKs design for wastewater treatment plant for $646K
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 Richmond Hill now has some new property after a decision Tuesday by the city council.
The council unanimously approved the purchase of the 187.7-acre parcel of land known as Colonial Marsh, located near Sterling Creek Plantation. Mayor Harold Fowler said the transaction should be complete by the beginning of the week.
The city is paying $800,000 for the property, which has been targeted by several developers throughout the years. They attempted to change some of the nine zoning restrictions associated with the property.
“Over the years different developers have wanted to come in a build houses and there isn’t a good way in or out (of the property) to develop it,” Fowler said.
The most recent bid to develop the property came from RVLH-Greenland. The developer asked the city to remove two zoning conditions that made it difficult to access. Those conditions included forbidding access through Sterling Creek Plantation and requiring a 60-foot easement for an access road.  
When the city denied the requests, RVLH-Greenland asked the city if it would be interested in buying the property. Fowler said the property is a “great acquisition” for the city and provides additional park space for the city.
“The city does need a little more recreation/park area and this (property) has a nice lake on it,” Fowler said.
The property also provides additional space near the city’s wastewater treatment facility, he added. Nature trails can be added to the property to complement the manmade wetlands there, Fowler said.

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