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City council cancelled due to lack of quorum
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Tuesday night’s Richmond Hill City Council meeting had to be cancelled due to the lack of a quorum as per the city’s charter.

It was the first time in several years that anyone could recall that happening.

Mayor Russ Carpenter and Councilwomen Jan Bass and Tara Baraniak were present. Carpenter said he knew in advance that Councilman Johnny Murphy would not be able to attend, but Councilman John Fesperman notified Carpenter shortly before the meeting that he also would not be able to attend.

City Attorney Ray Smith explained that the city charter requires three of the four council members to be present in order to conduct a meeting, regardless of whether the mayor is present or not.

Carpenter said a decision would be made soon to either reschedule the meeting or add agenda items to the May 1 council meeting.

Tuesday night’s agenda included the purchase of new bulletproof vests, a new narcotics detection K9 and other equipment for the police department and an increase on the monthly payments against the note on the Richmond Hill City Center that would save some $47,400 in interest with the early pay-off.

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