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Chickens in search of new home
This is a couple of the dozens of chickens that live in the wooded areas between Loves Travel Center on Hwy. 144 and I-95. Some residents are concerned for their well being with new development taking place at the site. - photo by Photo by Crissie Elrick

Why did the chicken cross the road? Apparently because the wooded area between Love’s Travel Center on Hwy. 144 and I-95 where it lived was removed for development.
A concerned resident told the News on Tuesday that scores of chickens were caught and killed in the rush-hour traffic leaving Fort Stewart via Hwy. 144.
Reporter Crissie Elrick didn’t see any dead or injured birds, but she did see a few live chickens hanging out in the area where trees had just been removed.
The concerned resident said she and others want to see the chickens relocated to safer habitat. But Skip Youmans with the County Animal Control said residents will likely have to handle that project on their own.
Animal Control handles only domestic pets, Youmans said, and the county has no additional funds to have  what appears to be wild chickens relocated.

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