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Camera found hidden in gas station restroom
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A Riceboro man was detained by the Richmond Hill Police Department for obstruction after a hidden camera was discovered in the women’s restroom at the Shell gas station at 1000 Sommers Blvd. off U.S.17 near I-95.

A Wisconsin family contacted police after the mother and her two juvenile daughters used the restroom around 3:15 p.m. Friday and noticed a light shining through the air vent, police said. The family asked the attendant about it and told police the man went to a utility room behind the restroom and retrieved a cell phone from the vent. The woman told police she asked that the man delete any videos of her daughters, but the man insisted the phone was not recording and refused to show it to the woman.

When the woman said she was going to call the police, the man began pleading with her not to and told her he had just started working at the station and did not want to get in trouble, according to an RHPD report. When police arrived the attendant said the person they were actually looking for had run away, but the family was able to identify him from outside the building through the window.

The phone was seized as evidence and police are seeking warrants.

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