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Bryan County Schools starting new student council
one bryan student advisory council

Increasing enrollment and a geographically split school district don’t just impact teachers and administrators, but students as well.

A new “One Bryan Student Advisory Council” aims to help solve that issue.

The idea came from Isabella Martinez, a sophomore at Richmond Hill High School who has served on the statewide student advisory council the last few years. That group meets quarterly in Atlanta with the state schools superintendent and other Georgia Department of Education officials.

“The north and south end of Bryan County are not united right now,” Martinez said. “If there were a student council, the county would become more united and students and parents would be more aware of achievements and issues within our county’s school system. This will also give the students a voice in Bryan County.”

Superintendent Paul Brooksher approved the idea.

“The students of Bryan County Schools are exceptional and I look forward to sharing information and getting their feedback and thoughts on how we are doing as a school system for the ones we serve,” he said. “The vision and mission of Bryan County Schools is focused on excellence for all and continuous improvement.  Meeting with a system-wide student advisory council will be another tool to help ensure we are remaining true to our vision and mission.”

Brooksher said he also currently meets with two community advisory councils and one made up of teachers.

“Effective communication among all stakeholders is vitally important.”

Students in grades seven through 12 will be able to begin applying for the council when they return from spring break. Applications must include the students’ GPA, a list of extracurricular activities and an essay explaining what they think the school district is doing well, what can be improved and what they can contribute to the process. Principals must sign off on each application.

The council will have 24 students total, made up of two from each grade level from the two middle schools and two high schools.

Full-day meetings will be held quarterly and include sessions on topics such as current issues in the schools, transitioning from middle school to high school and ways students can support each other. The council will also look at potential service projects.

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