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BCHS students bring art to life
BCHS art silk screen
Bryan County art students create silk screens after studying Andy Warhol's works. - photo by Photo provided.

Students in Kim Kaiser’s art classes at Bryan County High School were inspired to create by two very different artists from two very different eras this week.

Those in Visual Arts I recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s “Church at Etten” on a hallway wall using electrical tape, while those in Drawing and Painting used Andy Warhol as inspiration to create their own silk screens.

“It was a lot of fun,” Kaiser said. “Sometimes it’s hard to get going on a Monday morning, but the students enjoyed it.”

Kaiser said that the students who worked on the Van Gogh project spent time studying the Dutch Master’s line qualities, then redrew “Church at Etten” to use as a guide for transferring the image in a larger scale on the wall.

“We used electrical tape so it wouldn’t run the pain, but unfortunately it started to peel after a day or two,” Kaiser said. “They worked hard at getting the scale and proportion right so it would look how it was supposed to.”

While the silk screening was not a reproduction of any Warhol works, students used the “father of pop art” to learn the process and the impact of color while creating their own designs.

“They used embroidery hoops with a sheer fabric to create a design, and then had a fun T-shirt to keep afterward,” Kaiser said. “Some students have had previous art classes and for some it’s their first time, so I’m trying to give them a foundation for how other artists went about their craft.”

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