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Baby, it could get cold out tonight
freeze warning
The dark area on this map show's the National Weather Service's freeze warning in southeast Georgia and South Carolina. The light blue area around us depicts the freeze watch area. The light green indicates flood warnings. - photo by NOAA graphic

A freeze warning will be in effect for most of Georgia starting at midnight. That includes much of Southeast Georgia. Even the western two-thirds of Bryan County will be under a freeze watch, according to the National Weather Service's Charleston office.

The rain around Pembroke and Richmond Hill Monday night and this morning was ushered in by a cold front that could drop temperatures into the lower 30s tonight, according to the service.

A warning means conditions are expected. A watch means the freeze is possible.

Strong winds are also expected over the state, making the temperatures feel even colder. The service predicts gusts over 20 mph around Richmond Hill.

So you may want to put any plants under shelter that you can and cover those you've already put in your garden. It's unlikely any pipes will be affected, but it wouldn't hurt to drip a faucet.

Temperatures are expected to start climbing to more seasonable levels Wednesday with the high near 60 and the low about 40. We'll be back to near 80 during the day and mid 50s at night by the weekend.

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