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Arson, armed robbery keep deputies busy

(The following information is taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports.)

Deputies were called to the South Bryan County Recreation building on Timber Trail Monday morning for a report of arson.

A burned and melted plastic container, lighter and balled up paper towels soaked in some type of fuel were found in the boys’ restroom. There were also burn marks found on the counter, floor, trash can and wall in the restroom. Surveillance video was turned over to investigators.

Do not pass go — Conflicting stories came out of an incident on Wade Carter Road near Ruby Drive last week after a man told deputies two black males stopped his vehicle, pointed a gun at him and took $200 from him. Deputies eventually found one of the men in question, but he did not have a weapon on him and said the driver had approached him earlier asking about drugs.

Missing vehicle — A man who had not been to his Demeries Lake Lane home in more than a year told deputies last week that he returned to find his 2008 Mercedes Benz missing. The man reported that he owns several properties and does not visit Bryan County very often. The vehicle in question had been left unlocked in the garage with the keys and title in it. Deputies found that the vehicle is currently registered in McIntosh County, but because the man could not prove ownership, the vehicle could not be listed as stolen.

Animal cruelty — Deputies are searching for a man who allegedly was seen pulling an injured dog behind a white pickup truck Monday afternoon on Highway 119 near Petland Road. A woman told deputies that her husband tried to render aid to the dog, but the driver put the animal in the back of his truck and drove away. Deputies reported that they observed bloody paw prints on Highway 119 at the scene and are aware of who the suspect is.

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