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Local activist in fight against state's water rule
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Clean water activists are putting pressure on lawmakers to change language in a rule they say weakens regulations for moving water from one basin to another, which a local group claims can damage the Ogeechee River.

Late last month, the rule-making Georgia Board of Natural Resources approved new regulation regarding interbasin water transfers, or moving water from one source to another, according to a press release issued by the Ogeechee Riverkeeper.

The proposed rule can damage the Ogeechee River because of its proximity to the Savannah River, said Ogeechee Riverkeeper Chandra Brown.

Water from the Savannah River could be a potential source of water for the Atlanta area, she explained. If water is taken out of the Savannah River, Brown said it reduces the basin’s ability to treat wastewater since there is less water to dilute pollution.

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