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Letters to Santa
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The following letters were written by 3rd graders at Bryan County Elementary School. More letters are in Saturday's Bryan County News.


Dear Santa,

My name is Kathryn Clark. I like you. I have been good. I am seven years old. I’m in third grade. I like to see Santa Claus. I get a dinosaur. I like presents. Loving Santa, can you bring me a Pillow Pets. I deserve a Pillow Pets because I like it. I clean my room. I clean the dish. I need a vaccum. Kind Santa I promise I clean the bathroom and clean the den. I promise to rake the leaves and trash out. I promise to clean living room. I clean in Ryan and Tyler room. Jolly fantastic Santa, Please give me a Pillow Pets. I’ve been good. I promise to keep my room clean.


Kathryn Clark


Dear thankful Jolly Santa,

My name is Megan Nicole Messex. I do my work and get good grades at school. For Christmas I’ll like a DS. The reasons why I deserve it marvelaus Santa, I clean my house and I’m nice. Beautiful Santa I’ll make you five promises, I’ll stop my attitude, I’ll be more Respctful, I’ll do what my parents say, I’ll do what I am told to do. Intelligent, marvelous, smart, lovey, awesome, excellent, cute Santa, please, please can you give a cute student her DS for Christmas gift. Remember I gave you two reasons and I gave you five promises why I deserve it – first of all, Santa please, please can you get me my Christmas gift remember it was a DS for Christmas this year. I’ve been good, nice lovely girl this year.


Megan Messex


Dear Santa,

My name is Albert Martin and I have been an awesome big boy this year. I want a blue DS for Christmas. I deserve my Christmas gift because I have been good. Please Santa, you are so smart and sweet. I will do all my home work and help my nice nana and stay a Cub Scout. Please please Santa.


Albert Martin


Dear, awesome magnificent Santa,

My name is Jarrett Brown. I am an awesome student. When I come home on Monday I have a smiley face on my behavor sheet. This is what I want for Christmas. I want one pair of dirtbike boots. I know you are an incredible man. This is what I promise to do. I will always try to keep my room clean. I promise to meet my AR Goal. I will always put my boots in my closet. Will you please bring it to me? You are so loving and kind. Please don’t forget about my stuff and the reasons I gave you kind Sir. See you soon.

Merry Christmas.

Jarrett Brown


Dear magnificent Santa,

My name is John Robert Kroymann and I have been an excellent student because I have at least 50 or more e-bucks in my bank. For Christmas I want a DSi and I deserve it greatly because I am on the honor roll. I usualy finish my homework without trouble and I met my AR and AM goal.

I will make you 3 promises Santa who has the best red coat I’ve ever seen in my life and the greatest holiday guy. I won’t lash out, I won’t agervate my brother, or break any rules at home. I’m beging you so mutch for this DSi and I’ve been so good intelligent fantastic Santa and I will keep all my promises.


John Kroymann


Dear nice Santa,

My name is Robert Vaughn and I am in 3rd grade. This year have been very good this year because I have cleaned up the yard and taken out the trash. I want a black go cart, please. I deserve my Christmas wish because I make good grades. Santa, I took 2 AR tests and I passed them. Santa you are responsible and I promise to clean up the Shed where I will keep my go cart. I promise to read my AR books. I promise to do all My school Work. Please bring me a go cart. My grades are very good and AR is very fun. I am going to keep all my promises.

Thank you,

Robert Vaughn


Dear St. Nick,

I have been a spectaciler awesome child my name is Mallory Traywick.

This year I would like snowboots for Christmas.

Last Monday on my weekly report I had no x for talking, enturupting and no x for not being prepared because I was a jolly student last week. And I think I have been a jolly student and on the report I got a perfect smiley jolly face and on my multiplacation I did not miss any facts on the test. Befor I go play my mom always says to do my homework. Every day I take home my books and read them so I can make my AR Goal. I always clean my room. And when I don’t want to play I sit on the couch and read or I watch TV and be quiet. When my mom tells me to go to bed and I say good night ok. I say you are awesome. You are so encredible and your rain deer are magnifecent. Every year you are so excelent for puting the presents under neath the Christmas tree Because I can’t even hear you or your reindeer.

I will promise you three promises. The first one is I will make all one hundreds on my math fact test. The second promise is to always clean my room. The third promise is to always listen to adults.

Remember handsome Santa Clause I want snow boots and the reason that I want them is because I did my chores and I met my AR goal.


Mallory Traywick


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