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Latest info on Dorian from Bryan County EMS
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Bryan County Emergency Management Director Freddy Howell is doing his best to keep residents informed on the status of Hurricane Dorian by providing frequent video updates on the agency's Facebook page.

In a video released around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Howell remained upbeat and optimistic about Dorian's path and possible impact in Bryan County. He said he looks forward to Dorian staying out to sea and away from Bryan County. "(Dorian) is not welcome here," he said.

Still, forecasters are calling for increased rain and wind (possibly Tropical Storm strength) arriving this afternoon and becoming more intense overnight.

Howell said residents who have not already evacuated still have time.

He urged those in low-lying areas or in manufactured homes to flee inland or to higher ground.

Howell said he's noticed trash cans out near the curb or street in some areas, and he advised that because trash service has been postponed, residents pick up those cans and safely secure them closer to their property.

He also urged residents to bring their animals inside and give them plenty of food and water.

In the video, Howell showed the many EMS workers who were gathered for a briefing, and assured residents that his staff is prepared and ready to respond to this storm.

Finally, he reminded residents that they can call a special phone number that was set up if they have questions: 912-858-4636(INFO). This is not an emergency line. People should always call 911 instead.

Here is a link to the 8:30 a.m. video 

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