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Kingston steers $500k to local group
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Last week, Congressman Jack Kingston secured $500,000 for Richmond Hill’s Experience Works, Inc., a charitable, community-based organization which helps seniors find jobs in their communities.

The funding was approved by the House Appropriations Committee in the Financial Services funding bill.

"Experience Works is great because it retrains and reemploys seniors by utilizing their experience and training them with modern office skills," Congressman Kingston said. "Since 1965, it has grown to be the nation’s leading provider of training, employment, and community service for senior citizens."

Funding for Experience Works, Inc. will come from the Small Business Employment Assistance through Older Workers Program.

Ann King, Experience Works’ business and community liaison, said the organization, which is based in Richmond Hill, helps small businesses across Georgia.

"Our programs benefit 57 counties in Georgia and has helped small businesses do on-the-job training for senior workers," she said. "These programs engage both the senior worker and the business owner and provide funds so the person gets the job."

King said the small businesses receiving funds must meet certain criteria before becoming eligible for the funds.

Experience Works, Inc. helps small business owners overcome recruitment and training difficulties and build an age diverse workforce customized to meet their needs by leveraging funding provided by the Senior Community Service Employment Program to screen, assess, and train job applicants.

Amy Lane, co-owner of Hill of Beans in Richmond Hill, said the program is very beneficial to small businesses.

"We were looking for a mature, dependable person with the same strong work ethic as ours to help grow our business," Lane said "Through the Experience Works SBA program we found Margarita Brown, of Bryan County, and she has become like family. "

In partnership with the Georgia Department of Labor, Experience Works, Inc’s Senior Strategy program serves people aged 50 and older in each Labor Department district.

"Our very successful small business/older worker initiative would not have been possible without the support of Congressman Jack Kingston," said Experience Works Regional Director, Billy Wooten. "He saw the potential of experienced older adults filling the staffing needs of small businesses and helped us secure support for the program."

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