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It could feel like 110 out there today
The heat advisory covers most of the area watched over by the National Weather Service's Charleston office. - photo by NOAA graphic
It will probably feel like it is well over 100 degrees outside this afternoon, possibly as high as 110, according to the National Weather Service.
That's why the service has issued a heat advisory for our area, encouraging people to stay inside, in air conditioning as much as possible, or taking precautions if they must be outside.
The advisories have become common in recent days and are expected to continue at least through the weekend.
The high in Richmond Hill is forecast to be 97 Thursday afternoon. Combine that with humidity approaching 70 percent and the heat index make it feel like 105-110 degrees, according to the service.
The advisory will last until 6 this evening and means heat illnesses are possible. You're encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, stay out of the sun and stay in air conditioning, if possible. Also check on the elderly, especially if they do not have air conditioning in their homes.

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