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Is Hurricane Ike next up?
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Fay went away. The worst part of Hanna headed elsewhere.

Now, Bryan County officials are keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Ike, which could make landfall Sept. 10.

It’s where that landfall may be that has Bryan County Emergency Services Director Jim Anderson paying attention.

"Ike is definitely a threat," Anderson said. "So, just like with Hanna, Bryan County residents need to keep an eye on its path and be prepared to evacuate. Some models show Ike landing in Florida, but some show it going north."

Ron Morales, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, said Ike could hit the U.S. coast by Sept. 10 and, although its current path has it making landfall in the Florida Keys, there is a chance it may land in coastal Georgia.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Josephine has reared its head near Africa and seems to be headed toward the U,S., Morales said. He said it is too early to tell where Josephine is going or how strong it will be if it does reach our area.

A Bryan County hurricane hotline has been established at 858-2734.

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