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Hudgens: Change alarm batteries when clocks spring forward

Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens is urging everyone to change the batteries in their smoke alarms at the same time they change their clocks to daylight saving time on this weekend.

“The annual change to daylight saving time is the perfect opportunity to make sure your smoke alarms are working properly,” Hudgens said. “Changing the batteries in each device is the easiest way to ensure continued protection of your family and property.”

In 2017, approximately 94 residential fires in Georgia resulted in 112 deaths. Of those fires, 89 of the homes did not have a working smoke alarm. This year, 25 Georgians have died in 21 residential fires, with none of the houses having a working smoke alarm.

Hudgens encourages all residents to test and clean dust from the smoke alarms monthly. He also recommends that you plan and practice an escape route to the outside of your home in the event of a fire.

Daylight saving time starts Sunday, March 11, at 2 a.m., when clocks are set ahead one hour.

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