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Highway 67 in Pembroke to be a "Purple Heart Highway"
Road to intersect with Blue Star Memorial Highway near McEachin Square, named for World War I soldier
McEachin Square marker
A marker noting McEachin Square in downtown Pembroke. The square includes memorials for William McEachin, a Pembroke man who fought and died in World War I. The use of "the world war" in the inscription shows the marker was placed prior to World War II. The location of the memorials prompted the state to name Highway 67 as a Purple Heart Highway. Highway 280, which intersects with 67, is already named a Blue Star Memorial Highway in honor of the armed forces. - photo by Jeff Whitte
McEachin square cannon
The memorial cannon in Pembroke's McEachin Square, named after William McEachin, who fought and died in World War I.
McEachin Square
Pembroke's flags fly on McEachin Square.

Highway 280 in Pembroke is known as a Blue Star Memorial Highway as “a tribute to the armed forces that have defended the United States of America.”

Now, Highway 67 from the city’s southern limits to its northern limits is being designated as a Purple Heart Highway, according to City Administrator Alex Floyd.
Those highways intersect in the center of Pembroke’s downtown, and Floyd said having the Blue Star Memorial and the Purple Heart highways connect in the heart of the city is appropriate, “because veterans are close to our hearts and we appreciate all they do for our community.”

Floyd, who made the announcement during a July 4 ceremony at the J. Dixie Harn center, said the state is doing a survey of war memorials around Georgia and Highway 67 runs alongside Pembroke’s McEachin Square, which is named after William McEachin, who fought and died in World War I.

The square includes a memorial plaque, a cannon and a small park. It is also the site where the city and American Legion Post 164 erect flags and crosses on patriotic holidays. 

Floyd said the signs recognizing Highway 67 as a Purple Heart Highway should be up by Veterans Day.




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