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Grad rates on the rise
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Bryan County School System’s graduation rates are steadily increasing, according to a percentage change list on all Georgia school districts provided by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement.

The percentages were measured from 2002 to 2007, in which time Bryan County’s graduation rates increased by 17.7 percent, from 64 percent in 2002 to 82 percent in 2007.

"I believe of the total, we were one of the only 18 systems that scored a high graduation completion rate in the state, and none of those are in our area," said Superintendent Dr. Sallie Brewer.

To put it into perspective, out of the 179 school systems on the list, only 29 other school districts ranked a higher percentage rate than Bryan County. Fifteen schools in the state had declining numbers on their rates, putting their percentages into the negative numbers.

"We’re very proud of our school system. These graduation numbers are one of the criteria for No Child Left Behind," Brewer said. "I think it’s the result of a few things: We attract an outstanding staff and faculty, and our board provides the resources they need to teach. We also provide a safe environment. Teachers have a system where all the resources they need are provided by the school system and they have a safe place to work."

Brewer said these numbers are a telling sign of what’s in the future for the district.

"We’ll try to improve again this year. Our goal is always to continue improving – not just with our graduation rates, but in every aspect of the school system."

To see the list of all percentages statewide, visit the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement site at

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