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In final days, Bryan County Census response needs a boost
2020 Census

If the Census Bureau assigned letter grades to the 2020 U.S. Census response, Bryan County and Richmond Hill would get a D, and Pembroke would fail.

That’s because with about a week left for residents across the country to complete the 2020 U.S. Census, Bryan County’s response rate was 65.8 percent.

Richmond Hill’s was slightly higher, at 66.4 percent. Pembroke had a response rate of 49.1 percent.

Georgia fared about the same, with a 61.7 percent response rate to the Census as of Monday.

The Census Bureau has said it will end field data collection by Sept. 30. Self-response options will also close on that date to permit the commencement of data processing, according to the Bureau.

Why does it matter?

Census data is used by 316 programs to direct federal funding. These include Medicare and Medicaid, school lunches, health centers, and programs.

such as WIC and SNAP – programs that thousands of people benefit from. When Census participation rates lag and communities do not claim their share of federal funds, the cost of these critical services will be borne with state and local resources.

Census data is also used to adjust political boundaries such as congressional districts as well as state house and senate districts. To ensure appropriate representation after Census 2020, residents must be counted to preserve their political voice.

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