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Families enjoy day at Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin patch 1
The Barker family poses for a picture at one of the staged areas. Photo by Hollie Lewis.

On Saturday, the Richmond Hill Garden Club hosted its 20th annual Pumpkin Patch at the J. F. Gregory Park pavilion.

Upon entering, children were greeted by a fairy and were offered lollipops.

There were pumpkins, mums, decorations and baked goods available for purchase. Additionally, there was a wreath made by Kandi Kelly Jung of Kandi’s Kreations that was raffled off.

Families had the opportunity to pose for pictures in front of multiple staged areas decorated with scarecrows, corn stalks, and bales of straw.

Children’s activities included face painting, bean bag toss, ring the pumpkin, fish pond, pick-a-pumpkin, ghost darts, creepy feels and Monster Mash.

Also available to the children were free plants that were distributed to them at the Green Thumb kids’ booth. Kids were able to select a plant, and ask for planting advice.

A butterfly display was also nearby. Gardener Susan Cambanelli, who has raised butterflies for four years said, “I’m not quite a master gardener but I’m getting there. I have two of my gardens I’m registering with the National Pollinating Garden so I will be able to tag my butterflies next year. I have four gardens for the caterpillars. I’m teaching the children all about metamorphosis and how important it is not to use sprays and if they are interested in starting a butterfly garden I tell them how to do it.”

In attendance was Councilmember Wes Fussell of Post 4 who stated, “What brought me out today was the activities here in the park. Seeing the families out enjoying, getting ready for the fall festivities. It’s just a great opportunity to be out here. It’s beautiful weather, great families ... it’s just wonderful. The Garden Club is a wonderful organization. They put this on every year, they do a fantastic job.”

The Pumpkin Patch is a garden club fundraiser that has helped in the completion of many community projects. Garden Club vice president Gloria Shearin said, “We use our proceeds from this to do our projects. For example, we donate money to the library to buy books, we donate to various other community organizations and we do a thousand dollar scholarship to a high school senior.”

Concerning the longevity of the Richmond Hill Garden Club’s Pumpkin Patch at J. F. Gregory Park, Shearin added, “To me it means the support of a community; how much the community believes in what the garden club does and believes in having family events.”

More information about the Richmond Hill Garden Club can be found on their Facebook Page.

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