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Equipment grant comes just in time for summer
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The Richmond Hill Police Department just received a $1,500 grant for some equipment that may come in handy during these dog days of summer heat.

The department beat out over 60 departments throughout the country to gain some unique hydration gear.

As a result of the grant, the unit is slated to receive 17 Camelbak brand backpacks that can hold 100 ounces of water in addition to gear. They also will receive two accessory ‘Medbak’ packs designed to hold emergency medical products, such as bandages and a first aid kit.

RHPD Sgt. Jason Sakelarios, who wrote the grant, said the equipment is intended for the Special Operations Support Team (S.O.R.T.) unit, which is Richmond Hill’s version of S.W.A.T.

"Because of the intense Georgia heat and high humidity, we recently identified the need for hydration equipment," Sakelarios said. "So we’re really excited to receive this grant and receive this gear at absolutely no cost to the taxpayers."

Sakelarios said this grant is one of many that he has applied for recently through the non-profit National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), which the RHPD is a member of. He said there are three grants pending that he is hopeful will turn out as well as this one.

One is for a rifle, one is for 15 X26 Tasers, which retail for $1,200 each and come equipped with attached video and audio equipment, while the other is for Black Hawk brand gear bags, belts, hats and hydration packs.

"We’ve applied for the Taser package twice before," Sakelarios said. "Although we have yet to receive that grant, the company issues one $1,200 X26 Taser to every department that applies for the grant, which is a huge advantage of being a NTOA member."



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