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Enmarket donates 500 gallons of diesel fuel to assist in Bryan County tornado cleanup
Enmarket donation

Enmarket has donated 500 gallons of diesel fuel to assist the residents of north Bryan County with cleanup efforts following the devastating tornado destruction in areas around Pembroke and Black Creek. 

Enmarket partnered with Badger Rental Services to help fuel fleets of trucks, tractors and construction equipment provided by volunteers helping clean up trees and storm debris.

“This has been quite unforgettable for residents of North Bryan County,” said Garrett Shurling, president and CEP of Badger Rental Services. “The contrast between the tragedy and loss that some of our neighbors have experienced with the unbelievable outpouring of help from the rest of the surrounding area is quite a thing.”

Shurling decided to lend a hand after talking with a landscaping friend who had been volunteering with the cleanup, but admitted the time off the job site and the fuel to keep his equipment running was starting to become a problem.

“I called my business partner, Aaron Drew, and we decided to go and fuel the community,” said Shurling. “We were blown away when Enmarket contacted us and told us that they wanted to partner up!”

“Because of Enmarket’s generosity, we loaded up and refueled the good people who are giving their time for our neighbors,” Shurling said. “Tons of pickups, trailers, skid steers, tractors, and excavators have been showing up every day and you would not believe the difference in just a few days after the hard work of so many. Although some places are still in total devastation, our neighbors have restored a kind of new normal to tons of families.”

enmarket 2
Cody Natviak of Badger Rental Services fuels up vehicles with 500 gallons of diesel donated by Enmarket. The fuel is being used to refill personally-owned equipment operated by volunteers helping with tornado clean-up efforts in North Bryan County. Photo provided.
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