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Ellabell pitbull attacks tires
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:


Dog attacks tires:

This might be a first. Deputies were sent to a Mack Edwards Road address Saturday because a pit bull was attacking a man’s tires. When the deputy got there, the dog attacked his tires, too.

According to a report by Dryan County Sheriff’s Office Daryl Burns, he and other deputies were dispatched to “the corner of Powers Circle and Mack Edwards Road in reference to a pitbull biting and damaging a vehicle’s tires.”

There, they met the complainant, who said he had checked out a house for sale and “as he was leaving the pitbull (from a house across the street) came out and attacked his tires on his truck,” the report said.

The complainant said the tires were new, and the reporting deputy said he saw damage to the right front tire sidewall that had divots in them and scrape marks from the other teeth along the side wall of the tire,” the report said.

The complainant described the dog and said he thought it was dangerous. He also said he would be seeking reparations from its owner.

So the deputy went to check, “and when I got closer to the house a pitbull matching the description he gave came rushing out at my patrol (car) and it attacked my left front tire,” the report said. “I hit the siren and it moved off but came right back to attack my tire as I started to move forward.”

The deputy then activated his taser, but didn’t fire, instead “using the noise from it to make the dog back away from the car,” his report said. He then called dispatch and got a phone number of the house, and minutes later a man came out and said the dog belonged to his mother-in-law.

The man put the dog up, and the deputy explained his mother-in-law could be held liable for damages, etc.

The complainant got a case number.


Drugs, financial card fraud, weapons: Three people were arrested after a deputy checking Strathy Hall shortly before 2 a.m. Thursday saw a car parked on Kelsall Drive between two houses and went to investigate.

“I asked the driver what they were doing in the area,” the deputy reported. “The passenger stated that they were looking for her grandma’s house. I asked where her grandma lived at. She stated that she did not know the address … She stated that she was trying to contact her by phone but she would not answer.”
There were four people in the car – one of whom was a 1-year-old child belonging to the passenger. The child was sleeping in a car seat in back.

There also was another tag on the floorboard, the car and the people in it smelled like marijuana and nobody had a driver’s license. And, there were guns under both the driver and passenger’s side seat, one of which was reportedly stolen in Bryan County, the report said.

During his search of the car, the deputy also found marijuana, pills and credit cards. There was no word in the report of what happened to the 1-year-old.


Theft: An Ellabell man reported Friday that someone stole his jack. The man said he last saw it Wednesday and when he “went to use it and it was gone. The jack was beside his yard fence and was orange in color with black steel wheels.”
The man couldn’t remember what brand name it was. He got a case number.


 More reports in Thursday's Bryan County News. 





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