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District 1 commission candidates get their say
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District 1 candidates Ed "Rufus" Bacon and Joe Kendrick spoke and answered questions Monday night at an NAACP meeting held at Pembroke City Hall.

Both candidates talked about change.

Bacon said he made on of his biggest changes in April when he changed over to the Republican ticket, and although he chose to run Republican, he "will be a democrat running under the Republican ticket and will always be a democrat."

Candidate Joe Kendrick said he is "running to make some changes and to bring things back to [the north] end of the county."

"I’m not making any promises, but I vow to work with the other five commissioners to do the best I can to get stuff done," Kendrick said.

Kendrick has been in the county for 55 years and Bacon is a lifetime resident and the incumbent in the position.

"I’m for the voters. Rich, poor, black, white, it doesn’t matter. I’m for the people. You will hear my voice," Kendrick said.

Bacon said he is currently constructing a website at where his history and accomplishments to date can be read.

Bacon said his accomplishments include working to develop the I-16 and Hwy 280 interchange, planned community growth, improved drainage systems and roads, and he has worked to ensure the county government works for the benefit of all and not just certain individuals.

Dave Williams of the NAACP said their organization is "an information network for our community dedicated to helping make an educated selection in the election" and that they "don’t back particular candidates."

Williams said the NAACP’s purpose is to give voters the opportunity to make knowledgeable choices and to encourage communities to exercise their right to vote.

Rasheem Wright, deputy program director for the Georgia Campaign for Change, funded by the Barack Obama campaign, also spoke of the "hard task of mobilizing communities" to vote.

"Our emphasis is on electing good candidates all the way from the court house to the White house and to encourage the creation of volunteer groups to get out into the community to activate voters," Wright said.

Voters were reminded early voting is an option in the Pembroke Registrar’s office and the deadline to request an absentee ballot is quickly approaching.

Absentee ballots have to be requested by the Friday before elections, but requesting earlier is encouraged as they may not be received in time to vote if waiting until actual deadline.

A photo ID is not needed for absentee voting.

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