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Daniel Defense gets visit from Georgia Manufacturing Alliance
Daniel Defense
Members of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance took a tour of Daniel Defense's facility in the Interstate Centre in Black Creek on July 27.

North Bryan firearms manufacturer Daniel Defense hosted over 30 guests from the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance in its Black Creek facility July 27. 

The event was part of GMA’s annual “Buy From Georgia Month,” which consisted of a month-long tour across the state visiting 16 of Georgia’s leading manufacturers.  Daniel Defense was the last featured stop on the tour as the month came to a close.  

Now in its fifth year, Buy From Georgia Month is a state-wide proclamation presented by Gov. Nathan Deal at the Georgia State Capitol each year. 

The goal of the annual event is to promote Georgia-based manufacturers and the impact their products have on local and state economies. 

“This event encourages our business community to come together to rally around two simple but powerful ideas,” said Jason Moss, CEO of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. “It raises awareness of goods manufactured in our state and shows consumers how they can play an active role in supporting local jobs by purchasing items that are made locally.”

As one of the state’s leading firearm manufacturers, Daniel Defense has been a designated stop on the tour for the past three years. 

“We were pleased that GMA chose to visit our facility once again this year,” said Cindy Daniel, executive vice president and vice president of marketing at Daniel Defense. “It’s a great opportunity for everyone in attendance to better understand how we as Georgian manufacturers and consumers can help each other and how each of us can improve. Many questions were asked throughout the tour, and I think each visitor took away some valuable information.”

Buy From Georgia Month is an annual event hosted by GMA to promote and support products made and supplied in Georgia. 

GMA is a membership-based industry organization founded in 2008, to support Georgia’s manufacturing community. It provides monthly plant tours, educational sessions, tradeshows, and unique networking opportunities designed to help make profitable business connections for its members. 

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