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County takes rollback
Bryan County

Different year, same story after Bryan County Commissioners rolled back the county’s millage rate to 7.377 mills Tuesday night, the sixth straight year that board has lowered its tax on property owners.

The commission was the only local government body to adopt a rollback rate in 2022, reducing its rate from 7.999 mills. The county’s rate was 9.016 in 2017. It has gone down every year since.

While the county adopted the rollback rate, millage rates for Richmond Hill, Pembroke and the Bryan County Board of Education will remain unchanged in 2022. Because of increases in property value and inflation, which has hit governments as well as homeowners, the latter will likely pay more in property taxes – though how much will depend on exemptions and the value of a property.

Here’s a breakdown of combined millage rates and fire and garbage fees, provided by Tax Commissioner Carrol Ann Coleman..

Unincorporated Bryan County:

County 7.377 School 15.075 School Bond 1.5 Total 23.952 Fire $220 Garbage $180 Fire commercial and industrial $220 Richmond Hill:

County 7.377 School 15.075 School Bond 1.5 Richmond Hill 4.132 Total: 28.084 Fire residential land only $112.50 Fire residential with improvements $225 Fire commercial/industrial $600. Fire commercial/industrial unimproved $300


County 7.377 School 15.075 School bond 1.5 Pembroke 10 Total 33.952 Fire residential land $25, with improvements $36

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