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County Republicans laud Johnsons plan to seek re-election
Senator Eric Johnson - photo by Picture provided

Georgia Senator and President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson announced Tuesday that he will seek re-election to his District 1 seat, which includes all of Bryan County and portions of Chatham and Liberty Counties.

Johnson, a Republican, almost decided not to run two years ago, but said running for another term is part of a political promise he made during that time.

"I said then that I would run for the following term as well in order to stay on through the Perdue administration," Johnson said. "That doesn’t mean it will be last term. I’ll make that decision in two years. There’s been a lot of turnover in the legislation, including the majority."

Bryan County Commission Chairman Jimmy Burnsed said he’s glad Johnson decided to run again.

"He well represents not only the 1st District but also Bryan County very well," Burnsed said. "He’s always been very responsive to us when we needed assistance at the state level."

Johnson said his highest priorities in this area are to get Hwy. 144 widened as fast as possible and develop the new interchange at Belfast-Keller.

"I love Bryan," Johnson said. "I used to just represent the south end, but now I also represent North Bryan. Each is so very different with different needs and I have thoroughly enjoyed covering both."

Richmond Hill Mayor Davis was also pleasantly surprised with the news of Johnson’s re-election plans.

"I suspected he would run again," Davis said. "He has a lot of pull and a lot of credibility, and that can’t be anything but a plus for our area seeing how he is over our district. He’s always listened to our concerns."

Congressman Jack Kingston has worked closely with Johnson for several years. He said Johnson’s presence is a plus for the entire state for a variety of reasons.

"It’s certainly good news for Coastal Georgia," Kingston said. "He is defiinitely a force for this area and it’s great to have a coastal balance. His is not just a strong position because of the title. When you get out of a session like the one we just had where there is a lot of distrust and weariness, he was the one to look to for stability. He’s close to the Governor, Lt. Governor as well as many Democrats. His announcement is good news for Georgia."


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