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City creates stormwater utility
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Richmond Hill city officials are implementing a plan aimed at fixing the flooding problems that occur in the city when heavy rain occurs.
City Council approved a motion last week to move forward with the creation of a stormwater utility, which will in turn fund the stormwater master plan.
“The combination of flat terrain and limited natural or man-made stormwater drainage systems results in flooded streets, yards, and occasionally a home or business,” said Jan Bass with the city. “The city has worked hard to solve this problem, but there are areas yet to be addressed.”
She said a stormwater utility, which generates revenue through user fees, is ultimately the solution.
City Manager Mike Melton said the utility will impose a minimal cost to city residents, who should anticipate an estimated $3 increase on their monthly water bills come 2011. Melton said the fee is low compared to rates from other municipalities, such as $4.75 in Garden City and $4.28 in Griffin.
The city has budgeted $52,000 for the utility, which includes a $25,000 grant from the Department of Natural Resources. Richmond Hill was required to match funds, but Bass said the city only had to shell out $7,600 in cash. Nearly $20,000 worth of man hours by city employees was accepted as in-kind funds.
There are stipulations in the grant that require actions such as addressing water quality and implementing a stormwater education program with local schools.
“The stormwater utility will create a dedicated funding source to manage and treat stormwater, as well as undertake capital projects, to provide stormwater education programs, encourage public awareness, reduce local flooding and improve the water quality in local bodies of water,” Bass said.
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