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Candidate responds to opponent's claims
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Dear Editor:


Mr. Hilliard’s letter, published in this paper on Wednesday, stating the amphitheater did, indeed, have a public hearing is yet another opportunity for me to point out the difference between his beliefs and mine. Mr. Hilliard refers to a public hearing held in 1998 regarding a conceptual plan for the park. Again, I will state, there were no public hearings on the Amphitheater in its current design, location or at the cost of $600,000. Maybe he considers a hearing, held 11 years ago, sufficient public input. I do not. If elected I will hold public hearings on major city projects. Citizens will be able to voice their opinion, in a timely manner, on how their tax dollars are spent.


Harold Fowler

Harold Fowler is running for mayor of Richmond Hill.

This letter is in response to an Oct. 28 letter to the editor from his opponent, Floyd Hiliard.

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