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C-SPAN bus visits Bryan County
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The C-SPAN election bus visited Bryan County Middle School and Bryan County High School Tuesday.

Social Studies teacher Katherine Ferreira said she attended a state social studies conference along with the rest of the social studies department where she was able to tour the bus and learn about the resources available to teachers through C-SPAN.

"The bus is fantastic. It has all kind of resources for teachers and students, including video editing. When I went to the web-site to sign up for resource information, there was a box where I signed up showing my interest in having the bus come," she said.

"It’s been neat to hear the reactions of the students coming off of the bus. They are all saying ‘this is cool,’ or ‘that was awesome, we liked it," she said.

Ferreira said the bus is a mobile production studio where the students are shown several major news networks then asked questions.

"It helps the students focus and start thinking about what’s relevant. It’s important in helping learn to make their own decisions and has certainly generated good discussion around the lunch table," she said.

High school senior Shelbi Traywick said, "It was awesome. It was cool sitting in the chair where famous people have sat."

Sarah Parker, marketing representative for C-SPAN said, "We chose Bryan County because Ms. Ferreira is a member of the C-SPAN Classroom resources group, and indicted her interest in having us come to the school, so when we found out we were going to be in the area, we contacted her."

"After this, we will be going to Owensboro, Ky, then to Chicago, Il, on this very bus, where we will cover the elections and use the bus as our production studio," she said.

Ferreira said that social studies and government weren’t the only departments in the school to benefit from the visit.

"The school will also be holding a mock election through the Youth Leadership Initiative, who has conducted nationwide mock elections over the last 20 years, and then we will even conduct exit polls from that election and the math department is going to do the statistics for us," she said.

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